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Our Upcoming Product : Savitri

A comprehensive monitoring and alarm system for IV fluid administration for patients, solving numerous problems and reducing hassle with its automation and Dashboard


A complete monitoring solution with following features enables seamless watch over patients without need for repeated attendance of nurse

Keep Track

Keep track of each patient's IV bag status with Indicated Consumed Percentage. Get notified on the web/phone, so that the patient can be attended in due time.

Alarm system

Alarm with notification(on phone/website/or device beep) for any mishap or completion of the course of IV fluid. Stay assured for any under or over-administration.

Central Dashboard

A central dashboard, available on phone, laptop, tablet etc. This enables multiple devices(patients) to be monitored in single glance, reducing the manpower for the floor of patients.

Dose Management Software

Software module to set and manage prescribed doses for each patient with UI to create and update patient information

Automated Logs

Stay organized! Access a comprehensive dashboard with IV therapy logs for quick and informed decision-making.

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